Your privacy

I would like to make you aware of the following issues when it comes to Online Counselling in order to help you to understand the potential dangers in terms of your privacy and confidentiality, so that you can make a truly informed consent and you can take action to reduce these risks.
Email is not a secure medium, so please be aware that other people from your household might have access to your email as you might share the same computer at times.
So having your own user account with your own password as well as your own encrypted email account that no one knows about is advisable. 
Also it might happen that you may accidentally send a confidential email to an unintended recipient.
I strongly recommend that online clients use an encrypted email service for sending and receiving email exchanges when engaging with Online Counselling, this helps to ensure that our communication will not be intercepted by a third party.
A free and secure mail provider is and my protonmail address is All contact after our initial communication would be via this email provider.
It is also important that you always select an appropriate location for our exchanges where no one is able to look at your screen, where no one is able to overhear our conversation (should we be on audio exchange or use a webcam). In order to keep your privacy and to be able to fully engage in the Online Counselling process, it is very important that you always feel secure and safe and won’t be disturbed by anyone.

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