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Online Counselling

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About Online Counselling

About Online Counselling

I like this quote as it shows how I understand counselling and the need for support.

Let’s think about snowflakes here for a moment. They are all made out of the same material however when falling from the sky being exposed to different temperatures, they all form their very unique crystal.
The same applies for us human beings. We are all unique, beautiful in our own way and have got everything that it takes within us, however our own stories, upbringing, experiences and challenges can make us become someone different than we are. We might end up trying really hard to fit in with “everything” around us, completely losing the connection to ourselves making us feel unhappy, lost, drained or overwhelmed. “Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not”.

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How Online Counselling works

I offer a free 30 min initial contact session (phone, chat, email or video) to work out

    • what you might need help with


    • if I am the right person to be of help to you and if you are feeling comfortable working with me


    • if Online Counselling would be appropriate for you


    • which medium of Online Counselling would suit you best


Then I would email you an assessment and contracting form before we would book our first appointment.

How Online Counselling works

There are 4 types of Online Counselling which you can choose from:


1. Email


2. Chat 


3. Telephone


4. Video

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Fees for Online Counselling are as follows:

£50 per single session of 50 minutes (email exchange, live instant chat or audio/video-conferencing)
Payment is in advance and you will find further details in our contract form.

Cancelling sessions
If you need to miss a session, please let me know as far in advance as you can.
Should you cancel a session with less than 24 hours of notice, I regret that the session will be charged.

The way I work

The way I work

My daily work on myself through awareness, observing myself and taking the perspective of looking from the bigger picture at things as well as using yoga and Biodanza to connect with my body and freeing my mind, I am able to offer you a safe, congruent and confident space. I am a very compassionate person and I will always respect your process at your pace. I come from a place of not knowing what it is like for you and therefore rather invite you to show me your experience, to share your inner world with me and how you might see others, how you feel and what sort of protection and limitations you might use at times. I never judge, I always seek for understanding.

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