Couples Therapy (£80 per 50 min session):
  • Do you feel like that your relationship is exhausting?
  • Do you feel cut off from the person you actually want to feel close to?
  • Do you feel like that you and your partner are not a good team?
  • Do you feel like that the communication between you and your partner is off?
  • Do you feel like you have got the same discussions and fights over and over again?
  • Online Counselling can help if you feel uncomfortable about counselling and feel there is a stigma attached to seeking counselling support.
  • Do find it hard to keep the fire going between the two of you?
Two are always stronger than one.

We all are wired differently for love, with unique habits, needs and responses to conflict. I can help you and your partner discover how to bridge your differences to create the connection you are looking for.
Being part of a “good team” means it is your job to know what matters to your partner and how to make him or her feel safe and secure.
Learn how to become experts on each other for the sake of your relationship.
PACT (psychobiological approach to couples counselling) can help you to identify the source of your unhappiness in your relationship and learn techniques for preventing problems before they even occur, not matter how different you are. It can support you in cultivating a shared commitment with your partner so you can enjoy a stronger and lasting love, which is the base of true happiness in life.

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